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In this video, Theo visits Laurent at home to talk about the path of loving ourselves and others. Watch it here!

DUTCH ONLY VIDEO - LAURENT NOUWEN watched his brother, professor and writer HENRI NOUWEN explore the divine depths of compassion by writing and caring for the disabled. The books are read by millions from all walks of life - including politicians like Hillary Clinton. It was Henri's discovery of the way of compassion that made Laurent give up a career in practising law, choosing instead to further his brother's revelations as explored in books like 'The Return Of The Prodigal Son' and work to reach out to those in need through the Henri Nouwen Foundation; at home and abroad. As Theo Lens was moved by Henri's story and writing, he and Laurent formed a friendship. In this special episode of STORIES OF PASSION, Theo visits Laurent at home to talk about the deepest longings of every person - and the path to experience true love for ourselves and our neighbors.